The Second Edition of Orders to Nowhere is now available!

The thoroughly revised second edition of the book Orders to Nowhere is available now!  The 2014 edition contains up to day information on transition and veterans benefits as of December 2013.  It is available in print by following the link below or on the sidebar.

Orders to Nowhere

For those of you who purchased the first edition, please let me send you an autographed second edition as soon as I receive the first shipment of books.  Just contact me using the form below (I have some of your names and addresses already):

The phonebook’s here!! The phonebook’s here!!

Well, not actually the phonebook.  And it’s not actually here yet, but it will be soon.

So what is it?

It, my faithful readers, is the book Orders to Nowhere.  I am in the final throes of reviewing and editing the posts and articles that we have shared so far as well as incorporating as much up-to-date information as I can in order to create a book that will hopefully help others successfully make the jump from the uniformed side of the fence to the not-so regimented flip-flop wearing side.

There are a lot of you out there who have been following my journey, and I really appreciate your continued readership.  The blog will keep on going, but now that I have completed my VA claims process and all of my separations and retirement processes are done with it is time to compile them all together into one package that can help demystify transition for those who still have their EAS in front of them (as well as those in the middle of it all).

A way that you could help, should you be so inclined, would be to include any testimonials or comments that you have about Orders to Nowhere.  I would love to be able to put supportive testimonial comments on the back cover and on the website, so if you think Orders to Nowhere has been beneficial and would like to tell the world, please do — any and all comments are welcome.  You can contact me below, and thanks so much!!