The Second Edition of Orders to Nowhere is now available!

The thoroughly revised second edition of the book Orders to Nowhere is available now!  The 2014 edition contains up to day information on transition and veterans benefits as of December 2013.  It is available in print by following the link below or on the sidebar.

Orders to Nowhere

For those of you who purchased the first edition, please let me send you an autographed second edition as soon as I receive the first shipment of books.  Just contact me using the form below (I have some of your names and addresses already):


It’s here! Orders to Nowhere is now a book!

It’s finally here!  The first edition of Orders to Nowhere is available in print.  It will be six to eight weeks before it shows up in bookstores, and a week or so before it hits  If you want to avoid the wait, you can order it straight from the printer by clicking the cover:

Orders to Nowhere

Since you are a loyal reader and follower of the blog that got it all started, you can use the discount code ZVGYFQ28 and save 10% off the cover price.

Thank each and every one of you for reading and following my journey through transition!