A pretty interesting product to help disabled vets

I recently became aware of a very interesting tool that can greatly help people with disabilities use their computers.  It is a “keyless keyboard” that provides those who can’t use conventional interface devices a tool that enables them to use the technology that we often take for granted.

Known as the orbiTouch, it is being offered free to veterans who could use it.  Giovanni Ferrara, from the company that produces the devices, contacted me to help spread the word.  Here is an extract from his email:

I am writing to you today in the hopes that you will help us spread the word about our new program to help veterans gain or regain computer access. 

We are a company based in Orlando, FL that’s offering free orbiTouch ergonomic keyboards to any disabled veteran who needs one. This program is possible through the foundations with whom we work. The keyboard is very unique in that it requires no finger or wrist motion and works great for people who have the following conditions: 

 +  Arm or hand prostheses  +  Limited hand and finger use due to injury 

+  Arthritis   Carpal tunnel syndrome  +  Spinal injury   Burns + Stroke 

+  Cerebral palsy   Visually impaired  + Blind  +  Autism  Traumatic brain injury

+  Diabetic Neuropathy 

 In general, if you have a hand issue, this keyboard will keep you connected to your computer. It’s also a keyboard that will help you:

 + Read books and news on your computer

+ Shop on-line (like eBay and Amazon)

+ Get weather

+ Access the VA information for your benefits and prescriptions


I looked at the website, and I really think that it is a neat product.  If you are a disabled veteran who could use one, or if you know someone who is, follow this link to their website.

It is always great to hear that there are great people like Giovanni and great companies like orbiTouch that are stepping up to help our disabled veterans lead a better life!


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