Jobs for veterans: companies that are really stepping up

One of the most distressing parts of making the jump from wearing the cloth of the nation back to the civilian world is finding a new way to make a living.  Nobody in the military does it for the money (well, nobody I ever met) but money keeps all of us from living in a refrigerator box under an overpass and begging for spare change.  Transition is stressful, and with a down economy and the news filled with negative reports about high unemployment and low wages many veterans see unemployment and even poverty as real possibilities once they get out.

Fortunately, there are some really great companies in this nation of ours who have stepped up and pledged to bring veterans on to their rolls.  Whether it is from a sense of civic duty, recognition that military folks have skills that employers really want, or simply for the positive press that it generates doesn’t matter.  What matters is that firm after firm is opening their doors to veterans.

Good on them, I say.  And thank you!

Many of these companies have been in the news lately.  I won’t attempt to rewrite the stories that are already bouncing around the net, but here are links to a few that I found to be compelling about companies that are reaching out to veterans:


Wal-Mart Plans to Hire Any Veteran Who Wants a Job

Michelle Obama to Keynote Disney Event on Hiring of Military Veterans

Again, a huge thank you to those businesses that recognize the value of our veterans.  Countless veterans can breathe a little easier and avoid thinking about refrigerator boxes thanks to the prospect of a job on the other side of transition.

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