The shutdown hits just keep on coming: Death Benefits for military families halted

It seems like every day brings another aspect of how the government shutdown has a real impact on real people. Today we learn that the loved ones of those killed in combat will not receive the money they desperately need to deal with the death of a service-man or -woman who is killed in action.

The political brinksmanship that created the current shutdown crisis has wrought considerable trauma on those who have sacrificed the most: the mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters of our uniformed dead. ¬†Because the bill that kept military paychecks coming during the government’s partial closure did not include provisions for families, they cannot be paid the death gratuity that is provided by the Department of Defense.

To allow the families of our fallen to be so ill treated by a governmental stalemate is truly a break in the moral contract with those who send their sons and daughters to shed their blood in the defense of the nation.  At least in my humble opinion.

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