Stepping up

Yesterday the government managed to pull itself out of the partisan swamp long enough to pass legislation to reopen the government for business and raise the debt ceiling.

What if they hadn’t?

Many veterans rely on the checks that they receive from the government just to survive.  One of the most at-risk groups consists of those who were wounded in the service of the nation and as a result are often limited in their access to jobs after they get out.  It is tough to get a job without an arm or a leg or with burn scars all over your body. If the shutdown and debt limit debacle had continued, such veterans would have been out of luck.

Fortunately, there continue to be great Americans and great organizations that are willing to step up when the bureaucratic machine grinds to a halt.  One such organization, the Wounded Warrior Project, expressed their outrage at the gridlock and its potential effect on veterans by committing $20 million to help vets who would be left high and dry.  They announced yesterday that they would send a check for $500 to vets if their expected government checks did not arrive in November.

It warms the heart to see our fellow Americans rise to the occasion.  Too bad the occasion has to be the disastrous ineffectiveness of the government that  sent them out to get wounded in the first place.


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