A quick way to determine your disability compensation amount

Determining how much your disability compensation amount should be is about as easy to figure out as a differential calculus equation.  After spending a considerable amount of time researching how disability percentages are determined and then what those percentages mean in terms of a disability check I was happy to find a much easier way to figure it out than the old fashioned way of plowing through tables and graphs.

The great guys at the Vietnam Veterans of America’s Arizona State Council have taken out all of the guesswork by creating a fantastic online calculator that will tell you just how much your disability check should be each month. Follow this link to their website — you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use.  The calculator uses your disability rating percentage, marital status, and number of children to ascertain what your monthly compensation amount should be.

In case you have multiple ratings (for example, a 10% rating for tinnitus and a 20% rating for back problems) you can use another nifty calculator to determine what your aggregate rating percentage is.  Follow this link to their website’s multiple rating calculator.

Give them a shot- you will find them to be very easy to use, and it will save you from the consternation that comes from trying to nug it out with a stubby pencil and a calculator…


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