When Uncle Sam Breaks Up With You

Here is a tremendously important story from a great blog about the challenges of taking off the uniform before you feel that you are ready…

Gina left the mall

A while back I told you about my soldier who was fighting to stay in the Army despite his many injuries. The post was called Beating The Odds. I shared our unlikely friendship (we don’t have much in common) and how our paths would never cross except in a cafe in Iraq over a $2 donated cup of coffee (Cup of Joe.) I also asked for some supportive comments he could share with the Medical Evaluation Board. Readers responded and he and his family were very touched. This post is the update to that story.

It worked before

Staff Sergeant RD had been injured before and forced to medically retire before. He fought his way back by getting stronger and getting waivers. That was a good thing because when it came to being a civilian, his transition was like something out of a movie. Specifically, the second act…

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    Orders To Nowhere… “http://orderstonowhere.com” ~ A career Marine’s transition back to the other side” by USMC LT COLONEL Mike Grice is one of the best sites I’ve run across. My late father was a Marine that experienced many difficulties transitioning back into “normal” society and/or re-entering the “real world”, so this blog is of great interest to me personally – I believe it’s helped me better understand my late parents & some of their choices. Thank you, sir – for your service to your country & this blog…

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