Military/Veteran Jobs and Benefits news of the day for for 5/27/14

Good news story of the day

Mattis: You’re not damaged goods  (Marine Corps Times)  James Mattis wants Marines to know that though he’s no longer wearing the uniform, he’s still got their back.

Military Transition and Jobs News

3 Companies Taking ‘Hire A Veteran’ To A New Level  (Business Insider)  As we sit back and enjoy an extended weekend, barbecues, and better weather for the first time in months, we’re also reminded that today isn’t just the beginning of a work-shortened week, but a remembrance of those soldiers who’ve given their all while defending this country.

Comcast to hire 1,000 military veterans by 2015; holds job fair  (Atlanta Business Chronicle)  Comcast says it will hire 1,000 military veterans by 2015 and on Wednesday will host a job fair for veterans in Stone Mountain.

Job Fair For Veterans Held In Howard Beach  (CBS)  A job fair was held Sunday for military veterans in search of a new job.

2015 early out programs drop  (Marine Corps Times)  The service has released details of its highly anticipated voluntary force-shaping measures for fiscal 2015, which will offer thousands of staff noncommissioned officers a lump-sum payment to leave uniform or an early retirement.

Veterans struggle to find jobs in Michigan, where unemployment is 2nd in nation  (Mansfield News Journal)  After Jennifer Scott’s 19 years in the Army and active Reserves were over, she was hired by two government contractors, but when she was laid off from the second job, it took her more than a year to find employment.

Veterans News

Sen. Burr fights with veterans groups during Memorial Day weekend  (The Washington Post)  A fight over the recent Veterans Affairs scheduling controversy erupted during Memorial Day weekend with an exchange of nasty letters between a Republican senator and several veterans groups he accused of responding weakly to the alleged scandal.

Number of veterans in Congress has fallen drastically since post-Vietnam years  (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)  As the federal government struggles with problems at the Veterans Administration amid thousands returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it does so with a Congress that has only a fourth of the number of veterans it had after Vietnam.

Where Do Military Veterans Live?  (National Journal)  A rural Texas congressional district with an average July temperature of 95 degrees isn’t the first place most Americans would consider a retirement destination, but veterans flock to the 31st District.

VA treats 2,500 transgender veterans  (USA Today)  Pvt. Chelsea Manning, an inmate at the Army’s prison at Fort Leavenworth, may have more luck receiving treatment after serving her sentence and being drummed out of the Army.

Benefits News

With nod to veterans’ scandal, Obama pays Memorial Day tribute  (Reuters)   President Barack Obama paid tribute on Monday to fallen U.S. military men and women during a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery that highlighted a veterans’ care scandal that has engulfed his presidency in recent weeks.

Long appeals leave older vets without benefits for years  (USA Today)  Cases involving the appeal of veterans benefits rulings take almost 19 months to resolve, Department of Veterans Affairs records show, and advocates say the crush of new claims is hurting older veterans.

Bill would prioritize Medal of Honor recipients for VA healthcare  (The Hill)  Rep. Tim Walberg (R-Mich.) has introduced a bill to give Medal of Honor recipients the highest priority among veterans seeking access to Veterans Affairs healthcare.

VA APPROVES MORE PRIVATE CARE FOR VETERANS  (AP)  More veterans are being allowed to obtain health care at private hospitals and clinics in an effort to improve their treatment following allegations of falsified records and delays in treatment.

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