Still waiting for the call that may never come…

My last post left all of us hanging in anticipation of a call from the VA in regards to my disability claim.  You see, I had called and called the VA’a customer service number during the day with no luck whatsoever.  After finally getting up waaaaay before the crack of dawn I called again and finally got ahold of a VA representative.  We reviewed my case, and he agreed that something was amiss.  He promised that a representative would call in the next ten working days to let me know what was up.

I cheerily hung up and waited by the phone like a thirteen year old waiting for a girl to call and invite him to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

Well, it is now working day number nine.  No call.  No dance.

I have been holding my breath so long that I have gone from blue to purple.  They are not late yet.  One day to go!

I wonder if they will call?

The anticipation is killing me!  If they do, I will write a post to tell you how it went.  If they don’t, I will write a post to tell you how it didn’t go.

I think I see a zero dark thirty phonecall to the VA in my future…again.


2 responses to “Still waiting for the call that may never come…

  1. It may be a long saga. I went to the VA in the early seventies for PTSD and was diagnosed with it. It wasn’t considered a disability then. Now ten months ago I went to the DAV and applied for disability for PTSD and prostate cancer. I figured it would be a year then a denial then appeal. Happy to say I cashed my first VA check on Monday. Hang in there it is the government they take their time. By the way the VA and the DAV don’t particularly communicate with one another. Take your claim to the DAV. It worked for me. Fair winds and following seas. Col. SF

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