Last chance! Help pick a new look for Orderstonowhere (Day 4)

This is it!  The last day to vote on what you would like Orders to Nowhere to look like.  For those just checking in, here is what’s going on:

it recently came to my attention that some of you, my friends and followers, have a hard time reading the white text on the dark background.  In order to make sure that my posts are as easy to follow as possible, I am conducting a test.  For the rest of the week I am going to change the look of the page three times.  You, the reader, get to pick how it will look.  I will post each new page for 24 hours, and the page style that receives the most “likes” will be the one that I use in the future.

Thanks for participating in this test- Ready, Set, Vote!

Here is a recap:

Day 1 – larger black text font on a white background.

Day 2 –  medium light grey font on a dark grey background

Day 3 – light blue font on a darker blue background

Day 4 – the original format (smaller white font on a black background)

We’ll get back to the thrilling adventure of transition as soon as we pick a new page.  Let me know what you like and I will announce the results on Monday as we unveil the new look…


9 responses to “Last chance! Help pick a new look for Orderstonowhere (Day 4)

  1. I prefer (gray on gray) Day 2, with Day 3 being a close second. Both of these seem to help with eye strain, but the blue was a little busier, possible more distracting.

  2. I like day one. Large black print on white background, or perhaps large black print on a light gray background. Less eye strain, the better. Good luck.

  3. I found day two for the color of the page and print to be the most visually striking ( In a good way) but the format seemed awkward. Day three worked format wise and the colors were fine for readability.

  4. Black and white, whether white letters as it is now, or the other way around. Both easy to read. But the most important part of all is not the colors, but the thoughts. As Robert Frost ended his poem Considerable speck

    I have a mind myself and recognize
    Mind when I meet with it in any guise
    No one can know how glad I am to find
    On any sheet the least display of mind

    I look forward to more of your thoughts, S/F Buzz

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