A test: help choose the look for Orderstonowhere (Day 2)

The excitement continues to build as readers everywhere help me pick a new look for Orders to Nowhere.  For those who are just joining us, here is what is going on from yesterday’s post:

It recently came to my attention that some of you, my friends and followers, have a hard time reading the white text on the dark background.  In order to make sure that my posts are as easy to follow as possible, I am conducting a test.  For the rest of the week I am going to change the look of the page three times.  You, the reader, get to pick how it will look.  I will post each new page for 24 hours, and the page style that receives the most “likes” will be the one that I use in the future.

Thanks for participating in this test- Ready, Set, Vote!

We’ll get back to the thrilling adventure of transition as soon as we pick a new page…


6 responses to “A test: help choose the look for Orderstonowhere (Day 2)

  1. Hey Mike, I like this one so far. It is easier on my eyes. I am on the computer all day for work or school, so this one is not so harse as white on black or black on white. Hope that helps!

  2. Can’t scan white on black. Have to carefully decode is with a resultant headache. Content is well worth effort, but would rather move quickly to something else.,

  3. The grey is a good compromise. Not so sure I like all your info at the bottom rather than at the side as you used to have it set up. That could also just be a matter of getting used to it.

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