Happy Birthday, Marines!

Today the Marine Corps celebrates its 236th birthday.  For those who don’t know, this is an incredibly big deal for Marines; every Marine, regardless of where they are and what they are doing will be celebrating the birth of our Corps.  Ceremonies will range from black tie formals with medal clanking against corsages as Marines and their significant others dance the night away to a match burning in a chunk of MRE cake in some muddy fighting hole in Afghanistan.  So, if you see a Marine today wish them a Happy Birthday!  I can personally guarantee that regardless of circumstance they will smile and wish you a happy birthday back.  You never, ever, get too old to get excited about your birthday as a Marine.  This year is my 27th, and I will continue to seek out cake and camaraderie every November 10th until I ultimately go to the big Birthday Ball at Saint Peter’s Pearly gates.  It won’t end there, however, because then I will have the honor to join the Marine Security Detachment that guards the streets of Heaven.  I hear they throw a pretty good birthday bash up there….

Semper Fidelis and Happy 236th Birthday, Marines!